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What’s CommStar’s Routing Number



How Do I Access Online Banking?

ItsMe247 Login

eStatements are free for our members. Members must log in to online banking at least once per month in order to maintain active eStatements enrollment status.

Forgot your password? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

My Debit or Credit Card Is Expiring. Do I Need to Order a New One?

No. Your debit or credit card will remain valid throughout the month of its expiration. For example a card with an expiration of 12/24 is valid throughout the month of December, and will be expired as of January 1st. New cards are sent automatically  at the beginning of the month in which it expires. Cards are shipped in a plain, unmarked envelope for security purposes. If you do not receive your replacement card by  the 20th of the month, of if you believe you may have discarded the mailer, please email Card Services at .

How Do I Report a Lost or Stolen Debit or Credit Card?
Lost or Stolen Cards

If your MasterCard Debit® card is lost or stolen please report it immediately to CommStar Credit Union by calling 440-365-7342 during business hours. During non-business hours lost or stolen cards may be reported by calling toll-free at 1-800-992-3808.

If you think your MasterCard Debit® card has been locked due to suspected fraud, and you did not receive a fraud alert call, please call the Enfract Fraud Center at 1-844-682-4502. Do not enter a case number, simply hold until a team member takes your call.

To report a lost or stolen CommStar Visa Rewards or Secured Credit Card, please call:
1-800-322-8472 (Inside US) 24 hours a day
727-570-4819 (Outside US) 24 hours a day

To report a lost or stolen Elan Visa credit card please call toll free at 1-800-558-3424, 24 hours a day.

Email Card Services at 

How Do I Report Debit Card Fraud?

To report fraudulent charges on your MasterCard Debit® card, please call 1-800-581-2230.

How Do I Report ACH or Other Account Fraud?

To report fraudulent charges or other activity not related to credit or debit cards, please email us at or call us at 440-365-7342.

How Do I Change My Debit Card PIN?

To change the PIN on your MasterCard Debit® card, please call 1-1-800-992-3808. Please note this call must be made from the phone number associated with your CommStar Credit Union account. PINs can not be changed at the Credit Union.

How Do I Place a Travel Notification?

Traveling? Please notify us before your trip to ensure seamless use of your Debit card.
Travel Notifications

Where Is My Nearest Branch, ATM, or Shared Branch?

Click the link below to see hours, locations, ATMs, and Shared Branching locator.
CommStar Locations and Hours of Operation
Shared Branch Locator

What Are CommStar’s Current Lending and Savings Rates?
Current Rates
How Do I Make a Credit Card Payment?

You can pay your CommStar Visa Credit Card by:

  • Pay online at EzCard Info with a credit union or bank account
  • Pay via funds transfer in It’s Me 247 Online Banking
  • Mail a payment to CommStar (must include your account and credit card number with payment)
  • Make a payment in person at any CommStar location

For Elan Credit Cards: Payments must be made directly to Elan at . We cannot accept payments to Elan credit cards at our offices.


What Are the Debit Card Withdrawal Limits?

POS Transactions (point-of-sale transactions): $1,500.00 per 24-hour period

ATM Withdrawals: $500.00 per 24-hour period

How Do I Reorder Checks?

Click here to reorder checks from Harland Clarke.


How Do I Change My Address?

To change you address, a verified signature is required. Please e-mail us at to complete this via eSign. You may also visit a branch to complete to update your address in person.


Who Do I Contact for Help with Bill Pay?

For Bill Pay (iPay) support, please call 855-397-4253.



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